Al Gore, the World’s Environmental Guru

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHe was dressed casually. His jeans were well worn and his short-sleeved shirt was plain. If he chose to run, Al Gore would probably be elected the next President of the United States. But today, he said he felt it was right to continue doing what he was doing.

If no one has noticed, former Vice-President Al Gore has become a prophet against pollution, warning us about pending environmental disasters should CO2 emissions increase.

The first impression viewing and hearing Gore live on stage was: when he talks, he is very animated, entertaining and emotional. Where was this guy in the 2000 presidential election?The full house crowd at the Benedict Music Tent in Aspen on Wednesday gave former Vice President Al Gore many standing ovations during the hour-plus long discussion with noted businessman, John Doerr of Partner, Kliener Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capitalist firm. The topic was suppose to be about “Greentech Innovations,” but how can one not talk about politics with one of the best well known Democratic politicians? Gore is also the popular non-candidate for president, who continues to poll in the middle of the pack with a campaign expense of $0.
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“Let’s give you the time that the Academy Awards orchestra didn’t,” Doerr said to Gore. “You were going to make an important announcement….”

Gore waved in the air, chuckled and made a face.

Doerr was undaunted. “How about running for president?”

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOn their feet, the audience broke out in a thunderous roar. But heck, you’re talking about the Democratic Tabernacle Choir here in Aspen.

Next came the sermon: “I have no plans or intentions of running, but I am not going to make a ‘Sherman’ statement either-I’m only 59. I don’t want to rule out anything in the future.”

To hear it in person though, you do sense he is more on a religious quest than an ambitious political path. Gore noted political leaders must face thousands of decisions in government unrelated to the environment. “The best use of my talents is to bring change to the people,” he explained. Amen, Brother.

Gore was very passionate when talking about his new role of saving the planet. Still, he probably could have raised thousands of dollars from the Aspen group had he announced for president instead.

“Have you decided who you are going to support in the presidential election?” asked Doerr.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGore said no. He challenged the candidates to sign on to his seven point pledge promoted at the Live Earth concerts last week. But he noted that because of political “anathema,” they probably couldn’t. Gore emphasized that environmental goals shouldn’t be bi-partisan. “In England, the parties compete for who can be more social conscious,” he lamented.

There was no bitterness when Gore was asked his impressions about the Bush Administration’s impact on environmental issues and the Iraq War. It was more like contempt. He didn’t hold back on Congress either. “Everyone is piddling around,” Gore claimed. “Let us not be confused with what really needs to be done.”

Next, Gore was traveling to China to discuss their CO2 pollution problems. Already, he has encompassed the globe from South America, India, Africa and this was going to be his second trip to China to discuss environmental concerns.

Gore is on a mission. Who needs the title of president when one can be the world’s official “Mother Nature’s Son*?”

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*Referring to the Beatle’s song from the White Album

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