YK: Don’t Count John Edwards Out

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDemocratic presidential candidate John Edwards was well received at the Presidential Leadership Forum held Saturday at the “Yearly Kos” Convention, the Superbowl for bloggers.

Edwards discussed issues that propelled the Netroots to their feet in applause. He picked up on words that resonated with pleasure throughout the crowd. And when he mentioned that his wife, Elizabeth, would be his official presidential blogger, the audience responded wildly with approval.

This guy was good. Please read on…..Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketEdwards pushed all the right buttons and it should be effortlessly for him now — heck, he’s been running for president for about six years.

His campaign professionalism was even more highlighted at the breakout sessions with his Netroot admirers.

The conference rooms for the other presidential candidates were set up in the typical theater style.  For instance, presidential candidate and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s huge room was dimly lit with many seats painfully vacant. He was dressed like a funeral director in a dark blue suit and answered questions in a serious demeanor. All that was missing was the coffin.

However, Edward’s handlers had set up his room in an Iowan Town Meeting style. The over-flowing audience circled a small area where Edwards, who had chucked his suit coat and rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt, took questions. The lights had been turned up and the atmosphere was relaxed. He made the audience feel like they were his newest best friends.

But not all things are good in Presidentland.

The Rasmussen Report that polls potential voters, puts former Senator John Edwards in third about 30 points behind frontrunner Sen. Hillary Clinton and 10 points below Sen. Barack Obama. In fact, Edwards has been in third for much of the season, no doubt hoping that the tension between Clinton and Obama may some day cause a meltdown.

We may not see Edwards on top of the Democratic ticket, but with his people skills and campaign talents, he has probably earned the second slot again.

Photos of John Edwards and the Edwards arena by Leslie Robinson