Bloggers Wanted at Democratic Convention

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketColorado Confidential met the Democratic National Convention Committee’s (DNCC) new Online Communications Director Jason Rosenberg at the Yearly Kos gathering last week. His exuberance in this role was obvious as he explained his plans to develop and implement new media strategy for the DNCC and oversee the official 2008 Convention website.

Plus, Rosenberg put out a “welcome” sign for political bloggers.

Back in Denver, Colorado Confidential caught up with Rosenberg for a few questions. Please read on about blogging and the Democratic National Convention.Colorado Confidential: Why is the DNCC so interested in making room for political bloggers at the convention? What role will bloggers have compared to the mainstream media?

Rosenberg: The Democratic Convention will be the most accessible convention since the conventions were first televised.

There are only so many hours the convention can be broadcast on traditional media outlets. But bloggers will be there to cover every angle of the story. The Democratic National Convention is going to be a platform to showcase the party’s nominee but also to put a spotlight on the new kind of leadership our party is bringing to this country at all levels.

Political bloggers cover every aspect of politics and the party. We want bloggers there.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketColorado Confidential: With thousands of political bloggers out in Cyberspace, how will you develop the credential rules? Will these bloggers be treated like the other media and have access to the convention floor and other events normally reserved for delegates?

Rosenberg: There will be news coming later this fall on the credentialing process for convention bloggers — and we encourage you to stay tuned.

Keep in mind that floor access is always very limited for all media organizations. Even so, bloggers will have unprecedented access to the convention and events surrounding the Democratic Convention in 2008.

We’re working with organizations like the Denver based Progress Now and we’re considering other suggestions.

Colorado Confidential: How do you plan to funnel the blogs the delegates write? Will there be one big blog board for the Democratic Convention? Is the DNCC planning events just for the bloggers?

Rosenberg: It’s still early in the process and suggestions are always welcome. But we’re playing with a few ideas for the collection of blog posts from delegates.

Colorado Confidential: How has DNC chair Howard Dean shaped this emphasis on welcoming convention bloggers?

Rosenberg: He thinks that the conventions should reflect those realities in communicating with voters.

Colorado Confidential: Thank you, Jason. We’ll make sure to keep our readers and bloggers updated with convention news.

Photos of the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston by Leslie Robinson