Task Forces Advise 208 Commission

Many different parties have stakes in statewide health care debate. As Colorado’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform, also called the 208 Commission, moves forward, members are seeking the input of four task forces focusing on interests of business, providers, vulnerable populations and rural areas. Task force members were chosen from a pool of applicants representing each population.

The Business Task Force, for instance, has members from the large, small and non-profit business communities who are charged with telling the commission what each proposal being considered would mean for businesses. The task force met Thursday and analyzed in detail the complex proposals. Members spent a large part of the meeting asking questions about the plans, many of which were answered by 208 Commission communications director Edie Sonn. Task force members generated scenarios and tried to answer the what-if questions left unanswered by the proposals. The task forces will meet throughout the next two months and report their findings to the 208 Commission. The meetings are open to all and time is set aside for public comment.

Upcoming task force meetings:

Aug. 13: Provider Task Force
Aug. 14: Business Task Force
Aug. 16: Rural Task Force
Aug. 17: Rural Task Force
Aug. 20: Provider Task Force
Aug. 22: Rural Task Force

Go here for a full schedule.