Democrats Scolded For Meeting With ‘Homosexuals’

Sandwiched between a video-editorial bashing Newsweek for reporting global warming is real and a story claiming that “hate-crimes legislation is a bad idea on steroids”, Focus on the Family’s online “news” site CitizenLink is currently taking Democratic presidential candidates to task for actually meeting with gays and lesbians.

For the Colorado Springs-based Christian media empire, apparently the reality of six candidates who appeared at a gay forum in Los Angeles this week was onerous indeed. As the story went, the Democrats appeared “on a homosexual cable TV channel, answering questions from a panel of homosexuals in front of an audience of homosexuals.”

The CitizenLink story also misleadingly reports that, “One by one, the candidates pledged their support for the homosexual agenda and same-sex unions…”

There’s more.The story, which is headlined “Democratic Presidential Candidates Make Fast Friends with Gays,” then noted that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards actually “stopped short” of supporting same-sex marriage.”

Actually, as observed in the videos from the event and reported by the Huffington Post and other news outlets after the forum, only Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich have openly embraced same-sex marriage –