Hush, Hush & On the QT: Politics Stormin’ the State

    Dean was moving over increasingly warmer waters, where atmospheric conditions could create a favorable environment for intensification. It was cruising west at about 23 mph. Forecasters said it is too early to tell where Dean will land….

    Whoops! That’s the weather report for Tropical Storm Dean. Please read on to find out where Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean will land in Colorado. Hush, Hush has some other statewide political tidbits for you, too.The Democratic Convention is a year away and it is already time to party–again! Just released by the DNC:

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    Howard Dean and the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) will celebrate the one-year out mark for the 2008 Convention with a “Convention Countdown Kick-Off” for the local community at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 22 on the Pepsi Center grounds. Special guests will include Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.  Refreshments and entertainment will be provided.

    There was a party to announce Denver as the convention site. There have been many festivities to attract and thank large donors. There was a celebration when the DNCC office opened. The Colorado Democratic Party had an event with Dean during his last visit. Are we going through party boot camp for the real bash in 2008?

    Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is revving up in the state. Her field workers were calling Colorado Democratic Party members this week trying to stir up interest for volunteering and donations.

    Talking to a Clinton campaign spokesperson, Hush, Hush was told that they were still putting together a state steering committee, but all other plans right now were, ah, hush, hush.

    Sen. John McCain was just in Aspen. He had a great comedy routine for the first 15 minutes of his presentation. It made one wonder if he was auditioning for Jay Leno.

    Sample: “It’s so dry in Arizona that the trees chase the dogs.”

    Then things got more serious. McCain didn’t make the mistake that candidate John Edwards made last week. McCain talked about global climate change right after Iraq. Edwards didn’t mention it until questioned by the audience.

    McCain said one of the reasons why the Republicans lost in 2006 was because of over-spending.

    “Republicans had promised to change government. Instead, government changed the Republicans,” he said.

    If you would like to hear the whole discussion, it will be available on KJAX.

    Speaking of presidential candidate John Edwards, he made several political faux pas in Aspen last week. Number one, as noted above, was when he failed to emphasize the environment in one of the most “green” towns in the US.

    Number two, Edwards said the Bush tax cuts for those making over $200,000 a year should be rescinded. That line may play well in Peoria or Dubuque, but in Aspen? You need to be a millionaire just to pay for on-street parking.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSurely, Hush, Hush isn’t the only political junkie to go “over hill, over dale” to an event. Congressman John Salazar’s gathering in Meeker took it to the extreme, however. The event host lived 25 miles south of town on a quaint county road that turned into a dirt road that turned into a four-wheel drive path. (Refer to photo) Hush, Hush wasn’t sure if she was going to see Salazar or a bear first.

    If you are going to run a recall on an elected official, you might want to read the petition rules first. The attempt to recall Montrose Commissioner Bill Patterson failed miserably because the recall organizers hired outside help to acquire signatures. To have circulated petitions legally, one had to be a registered voter in Montrose. After three reviews, the Montrose County Clerk determined 5,583 signatures were turned in, but only 2,270 were valid. The magic number to put the issue on the ballot had to be 3,950.