Tancredo Scores Low on Campaign Disclosures

Colorado congressman and presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo is disclosing less information about his campaign donors than almost any other candidate, according to a report from the Center for Responsive Politics. Candidates are required to report the name, address, employer and occupation of donors who give more than $200. The report states:

“On the low end, Tom Tancredo — the Colorado Republican who decries the anonymity of undocumented immigrants — hasn’t fully documented nearly a quarter of his contributions.”

As of July 30, Tancredo had raised almost $3 million. But fellow Republican John McCain had raised more than $25 million and completed 95 percent of his donor information on his campaign finance reports.

But Tancredo didn’t have the worst record-keeping skills. Another underdog on the other side of the political spectrum also had a disclosure problem.

“Democrat Dennis Kucinich, whose campaign doesn’t have that much money to count, has provided zero information about the employment of donors responsible for more than half of his larger contributions,” the report states.

Overall, Republicans have done better than Democrats at disclosing information about contributors, about 92 percent to 87.5 percent, respectively. But information about individual donors is missing from about $22.4 million of contributions among all candidates. The Center for Responsive Politics asks, “So, candidates, whose money is it?”