‘Bad Boss’ Winner Ignore Dying Man, Blows Smoke

    We’ve all had ’em. The grouch. The blamer. The psychopath. And now Working America has immortalized two worst of the worst in its second annual “Bad Boss” contest.  The People’s Choice winner was “Pete,” the poor schlump who discovered that his boss threw away his paperwork requesting medical leave and disability benefits after being diagnosed with a rare cancer. “Pete” wins a week-long getaway and a thousand bucks for airfare for a well-deserved vacation.

    The Most Outrageous Story comes courtesy of a scene reminiscent of the cult classic film “Office Space.”

    After the building caught fire, the company sprung into action with a contigency plan that only a pyromaniac could love. In order to keep the company’s help desk fully operational during the fire, the nine staff were allowed to escape — but only one at a time in five minute intervals in order of seniority.

    Forty-five minutes after the fire was discovered, the least senior member of the help desk team was still on the job answering the phone while choking and coughing in a smoke-filled room until he was order out by a security officer. The lucky devil wins a trip to Las Vegas and $500 spending cash.

    More workplace hijinks can be found among the Bad Boss contest runners up stories.

    How bad is your boss? Take the quiz and add a comment here to commiserate with other working stiffs.

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