Hush, Hush & on the QT: What if Al Gore

The summer TV reruns are almost over, so one can get down to the business of campaigning for the most powerful leadership role in the world. Actor Fred Thompson announced that his official announcement is set for Sept. 6th; he will be in the Republican race for US president.

Could former vice president Al Gore be the “surprise” on the Democratic side? Right now it looks like Sen. Hillary Clinton is ahead with Sen. Barack Obama a close second. But many of us still remember Howard Dean four years ago – the bets are off with this crazy primary schedule.

It’s not impossible that the Democratic Convention in Denver could start without a clear primary winner – many of the presidential convention delegate votes, such as from the Colorado Democratic Party, are non-binding. Meaning you could be a delegate for Clinton, but still change your vote to John Edwards on the convention floor. 

A contested Democratic presidential convention election would help boost TV ratings, but the candidate could emerge bloodied and scarred.

Is there a deliverer from all this 2008 presidential craziness? Is it the man who was really elected president in 2000, but had poor connections to the US Supreme Court? Al Gore has said “no” over and over, but how about same time, next year at the convention?

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Hush, Hush asked some Colorado Democrats their opinion about an Al Gore candidacy. Would he have support?

Eagle County Democratic Party Chair, Harvie Branson captured the aura surrounding a possible Gore run:

Unfortunately Al Gore probably would have to sacrifice his current very beneficial role to run for President. Since leaving politics he is no longer subject to the pressure of special moneyed interests. 

He has written an excellent book called “Assault on Reason” which is about how political pressure prevents us from addressing the truth about Iraq and about global warming. The book shows how principled and grounded he is.  He is the most likely person to succeed in cutting through the haze of media manufactured half-truths and political projections.

Gore would gain a lot of support in Colorado and could quite possibly even win the nomination.  The main effect he would contribute is to require additional adherence to reason and truth by the rest of the candidates of both parties. This is exactly what our election needs.

The “Waiting for Al Gore” Democrats span the state. Tom Proctor, chair of the Morgan County Dems, shared his opinion:

If Al Gore entered the race this year, I would probably support him. But I would prefer that he not run, as he is doing a great service to mankind right now.

Margaret Atencio, a Denver Latina activist and second vice chair of the Colorado Democratic Party also expressed her view:

I have great respect and affection for Al Gore.  It is my opinion that he already won the race for president once and in all likelihood he could do it again.  I have spoken to many people who have told me that if Al Gore would jump into the race, they would forsake the person they are leaning toward at this moment and support Gore. 

However, personally, I feel that he doesn’t have that particular fire in his gut and has gone on to other priorities.

How would Al Gore compare to the Republican presidential challenger? Meeker rancher Kathleen Kelley related this story:

As a crusty ol’ miner friend of mine the other day said: “The Republicans are soooo bad, they are sooooo baaaaaaad, they are making Hillary Clinton look GOOD!”

She added: In my opinion, they make Al Gore look GREAT!!!

State Sen. Ken Gordon took this view:

I think Gore would be a strong candidate.  He may feel that he is accomplishing more now than he would as President.

Alas, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak has presented us with reality:

There are a lot of people in Colorado who think that Al Gore is the right person for the Democratic nomination. However, in my conversations throughout the state, most Democratic activists are looking at the candidates currently in the race and choosing from them.

It is strange to say that it is too late for the former Vice-President to enter the race, but caucuses are only five months away.

State Rep. Morgan Carroll agreed:

Al Gore is an extraordinary person and a leader who would make me proud but I think the field has been set for awhile and it would be very tough for him to make an entry at this stage in the process.

And what did a non-political bystander have to say?

Americans want to be told they are going to be safe and that nothing bad is going to happen. That puts Al Gore out of the race.

Is Al Gore better off saving the world than saving the US? The answer–check in same time, next year. It’ll be on the QT.

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