Editor’s Pick: Stories of the Week

From traffic gridlock to lawyer ethics, Colorado Confidential reports on the stories you often won’t see elsewhere.

Check out some of our best stories ahead of the long holiday weekend below the fold:Science Sunday: Crohn’s Disease, Mayan Crops, and Senior Sex
by: Dan Whipple

Two primary human inflammatory bowel diseases — Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — are apparently the result of the imbalances of two different microbiotas in small intestine.

Work by Daniel Frank of the University of Colorado-Boulder and colleagues found that while both diseases appear to be caused abnormal states of microbiota, the depleted subsets of the bacteria were different for each.


Denver Pair Won’t Settle Without Proving White House Wrong
by: Jim Spencer

If the U.S. Justice Department wants to talk about settling lawsuits filed by two of three people thrown out of a March 2005 Denver presidential forum, here is what the pair wants to hear:

The White House broke the law.


Legal Ethics Overhaul
by: Andrew Oh-Willeke

On January 1, 2008, the biggest overhaul in the rules governing the professional conduct of Colorado lawyers in fifteen years will take effect.

Is the 163 page long rewrite just window dressing, or will this really change the practice of law in the state?


Number of Uninsured Reaches Record High
by: Kerri Rebresh

As the cost of health insurance continues to skyrocket, so do the ranks of people without coverage. There were more uninsured people in 2006 than ever before, according to a report released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. Forty-seven million Americans didn’t have health coverage last year, up from 44.8 million in 2005.


Longmont Group Seeks To Halt Church Annexation
by: Cara DeGette

A group of Longmont residents, distressed over a city council vote approving a controversial annexation of a hunk of land designated for a substantial Christian-based development, took steps today to force elected officials to reconsider — or push the matter to a vote of the people.


Documents Reveal Xcel Lobbying Tactics In Denver
by: Erin Rosa

Building taller transmission towers is serious business for Xcel Energy and the company’s lobbyists.


Tired of West I-70 Traffic Constipation? Take This
by: Leslie Robinson

UPDATED: Are you a skier who gets jammed-up every winter Sunday afternoon on eastbound I-70? Are weather related road blockages getting you down on your way west? Frustrated with cramped driving conditions, too?

The I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition has relief for you!