GLBT Equal Rights Org. To Branch Out in Colorado

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) will be stepping up its efforts working for equal rights for the GLBT community in Colorado. Regional HRC directors recently held a meeting in Colorado Springs to brief local members and supporters of its plans. The group intends to expand its efforts outside of the Denver area to Boulder, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, according to HRC staffer Chris Johnson. He writes:

Colorado will play an important role in the 2008 elections, as Denver will host the Democratic National Committee Convention next August and Congressman Mark Udall, an HRC endorsee, will run to become Colorado’s next U.S. Senator. Along the way, [HRC directors] Georgie and Marty will be working with our local allies and state gay groups (like Equal Rights Colorado and the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Colorado, a part of the Gill Foundation) to help local residents understand and get more involved in the political process.