Jeff Crank’s Money Guys

As Rep. Doug Lamborn continues his battle to convince citizens in Colorado’s conservative 5th Congressional District that he absolutely, completely, unwaveringly opposes gambling, his foe Jeff Crank has unveiled an all-male finance committee he hopes will help him unseat the freshman congressman.

Crank’s finance committee includes some heavy hitters – and a healthy sprinkling of land developers. Included in the line-up: oilman and former GOP state Chairman Bruce Benson, developer Steve Schuck and Colorado Springs philanthropist Gary Loo.

“I am honored to have them stand with me,” Crank said. Asked how much money he plans to raise in his bid to unseat an incumbent, Crank said, “enough necessary to get the job done.”

Keep reading.It’s been just over a month since Crank, a vice president of the data integration software company XAware and past vice president of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, announced plans to challenge Lamborn next year. Crank finished second in a six-man race last year to replace former Rep. Joel Hefley, who retired after 10 terms in office. Bentley Rayburn, the retired Air Force general who finished third, has said that he is considering jumping into the race as well.

The following – most of whom also supported Crank last year – have agreed to contribute and help raise money for his 2008 campaign:

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