Turning Another Paige At The Gazette

First it was Dan Njegomir, off for a brief stop at a think tank before heading over to the state Senate for a government paycheck. Now we’ve got Njegomir’s replacement at the Colorado Springs Gazette, Sean Paige, reportedly exiting to pursue “new writing and ventures.” Over the past five years as editorial page editor, Paige has faithfully espoused the Freedom Communications newspaper chain’s anti-government libertarian philosophy — and then some.

Keep reading for the memo sent to the newsroom by newspaper editor Jeff Thomas Tuesday afternoon:

From: Jeff Thomas
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 2:37 PM
To: Newsroom
Subject: A departure

Sean Paige, who has penned the “Our View” column on behalf of the ownership of Freedom Communications for five years, is leaving the Gazette. My notes are kinda jumbled, so either he plans to start work in the City of Colorado Springs Public Communications Office, or he will be taking up what he calls some “new writing and ventures here in Colorado Springs.” My guess is it’s the latter.

Sean’s been writing the “Our View” house editorials for five years, a 7/365 task that he’s ready to hand over to the next editorial page editor. His exact departure date is not set in stone; Sean has offered to lend a hand through the transition. Scott says he’ll begin a search for a replacement and hopes to have someone named in a few weeks. This is Scott’s hire to make, not mine.

Agree or disagree with Sean, you can’t deny he’s dedicated to the role of a vibrant newspaper, and that energy comes through in his writing. It’ll be a tall order to find someone with that kind of passion.


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