Brochure Attacking Planned Parenthood Surfaces

Opponents of a new regional headquarters for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains have fired their first salvo.

A mysterious group called is distributing an inflammatory brochure in the neighborhood near 38th Avenue and Pontiac Street, where Planned Parenthood will rehab and expand an existing building into a clinical and administrative facility that will cover a city block.

The brochure levels charges of racism, pornography, child sexual exploitation and murder at Planned Parenthood. The brochure asks readers to call the general contractor for the new headquarters, as well as Denver City Council President Michael Hancock, who represents the area.

A trip to the group’s website offers no acknowledgment of who is behind the effort to smear Planned Parenthood, which, of course, does not do the things the brochure accuses. The website gives no way to contact the organization other than by email.

Anti-abortion groups around the country have used a similar strategy trying to stop construction of Planned Parenthood facilities, which provide family planning services, birth control and abortions for women who choose them.

Land for the Denver facility is already properly purchased and zoned. So legal efforts to stop it likely don’t exist.