Is Douglas Bruce Coming To The Capitol?

The news whip-sawed through El Paso County Republican circles faster than you can repeat that catchy state Senate campaign motto from seven years ago: “Ron May, but Bruce Will.”

State Sen. Ron May, according to last week’s rumor, had resigned a year early. State Rep. Bill Cadman was going to replace him. And that meant there was only one person poised to replace Cadman. That’s right: Douglas Bruce.

The gossip is not new, and once again it turned out to be a false alarm – this time. But the possibility of the anti-government author of Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights – the legendary King of Mean – walking right into the state Legislature has brought on new urgency.

Keep reading.El Paso County GOP leaders, some speaking on the condition of anonymity, noted that, should Sen. May actually resign early (his wife has reportedly been in ill health), and should Cadman take May’s place (as he’s expected to do in 2008, anyway), no candidate aside from Bruce has emerged to replace Cadman.

Also, Bruce – who has a longstanding policy of not speaking to this columnist, ever since she exposed Bruce’s past, running for office as a Democrat in California – allegedly has the vacancy committee stacked with his supporters. Currently an El Paso County commissioner, Bruce has run twice, unsuccessfully, for the state Senate – first against former Senate President Ray Powers and, in 2000, against May, a former state representative. Both of those races were bruising, nasty, sometimes surreal affairs –

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