Rainbow Alert For A Radiohead

Danger! Danger! The following is a public service announcement, designed to warn KVOR Radio Host Russ Johnson of the probability of cowpies ahead!Many a year ago, a young up-and-comer named Kevin Tebedo had the world spinning ’round his fingertip. He was the executive director of Colorado Springs-based Colorado For Family Values, the group that successfully pushed through anti-gay Amendment 2, back in 1992. After the statewide amendment passed, Tebedo, the son of a state senator, was the toast of anti-gay groups far and wide. Many of them trekked to the state’s second-largest city for Tebedo-led seminars on how to take versions of Amendment 2 back to their home states (this was before the U.S. Supreme Court struck the law down as unconstitutional).

But Tebedo started to get carried away. He joined the Patriot Movement – the self-styled anti-government Christian citizens’ militia movement of the 1990s.

He also started seeing in Technicolor – rainbows, that is. They were everywhere, and they were dangerous – a proven manifestation of the homosexual agenda at work in our midst.

In 1995, Tebedo issued a public warning: the city of Manitou Springs, a hippie and artists enclave just west of Colorado Springs, had been infiltrated.

Tebedo’s proof: bureaucrats in city government had named a municipal project, which designed and mapped the future of its streets and parks, the Rainbow Plan.

Tebedo wasted no time in sounding the alert –