Ritter to Announce Major Climate Change Plan

Gov. Bill Ritter is going to unveil one of his newest goals in November– fighting global warming: “It’s not that we should do it in Colorado, we must do it.”Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket It would seem that the list concerning conservation efforts that Gov. Ritter is heading in his ten-month old administration was long enough: renewable energy, preserving the environment, mitigating energy development on the Roan Plateau and Vermillion Basin, clean air and water legislation, etc., etc.

But no; Ritter is adding one more item to his environmental goals– preventing climate change.

Colorado’s new climate control plan and suggestions for legislation action will be announced in early November, he told members of the Western Colorado Congress in Grand Junction on Saturday. That spurred one of several standing ovations during Ritter’s presentation about preserving the environment and promoting renewable energy alternatives before the activist group.

“We are proud to part of the conversation about climate change,” Ritter said.

The subject was discussed at the last Western Governor’s Conference and regardless of political persuasion, the governors agreed that it wasn’t a question of “if” climate change was happening, but “how fast,” Ritter noted.

The governor also mentioned he was able to exchange ideas about global warming with former Vice-President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore while he was in Denver recently.

“We need to be stubborn stewards of the land,” Ritter stressed to the audience, “we need to think about the generations coming up.”

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