World Series and Democratic Convention Alike?

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHere’s how the World Series will be a trial run for the Democratic National Convention next year…

    –Rowdy participants
    –Much drinking
    –Traffic, traffic, traffic
    –Protests on the street from opposing parties
    –Security forces needed
    –Jammed airports
    –Celebrity sightings
    –Thousands of supporters
    –Lots of waving flags and banners
    –Multitudes of media
    –Hordes of T-shirt vendors
    –LoDo swarmed
    –Lots of fast pitches
    –Coors advertising budget doubled
    –Hundreds of castrated bulls (for those Rocky Mt Oyster orders)
    –Croc shoe shortages
    –No parking found within 5 miles of Downtown Denver
    –No hotel rooms available until Ft Collins, Vail, Pueblo or Kansas
    –Everyone will be able to spell Hickenlooper’s name

    –And Colorado’s politicians will find some way to share the spotlight

    A crowd’s a crowd. Photo of 2004 Democratic Convention floor from the nose-bleed section by Leslie Robinson.

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