Hush, Hush and on the QT: Republicans in Dilemmas; Democrats in Motion

    Blue elephants and red money have ignited controversies in the backdrop of the 2008 elections. And if you looked up in the sky, is it a bird or is it a plane? No, it’s Colorado’s governor flying into the Western Slope. What’s the old saying — a camel is a horse built by committee? After a few weeks out in public, the Republican Committee Convention logo is getting maligned.

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    Now, what could be so controversial about a rearing blue elephant with a wide stance and a skewed tail?

    From the GOP Convention site:

    “Choosing our logo is another important milestone in planning the 2008 Republican National Convention,” said convention President and Chief Executive Officer Maria Cino. “This design highlights the spirit of the Republican Party and it will adorn everything from the Xcel Energy Center to T-shirts and other souvenirs.”

    “By the time our convention is complete, this emblem — much like our Republican nominee and future President of the United States — will have been seen by millions around the world,” RNC Co-Chairman and Convention Chairman Jo Ann Davidson said.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIf you breeze through some of the critical political blogs these points are mentioned repeatedly:

    1. The Democrats’ blue color is dominant

    2. The stripes on the elephant’s back can be easily distorted

    3. The only time an elephant rears is when it’s performing in a circus or mating.

    Since the logo could be fodder for the late night shows and comedy news casts, Hush, Hush has a feeling that a new Republican Convention logo will appear before 2008.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Also, Hush, Hush is hopeful that the Democrats will take the suds out of the Democratic National Convention Committee’s explanation about its logo:

    With Denver playing host, the Convention is an opportunity to highlight the importance of the West to the future of the Democratic Party and to broaden the conversation about what it truly means to be a “big tent” party – beyond regional and ethnic diversity to include an expanding array of people who share the party’s values. The majestic mountain skyline and star-filled horizon that are characteristic of Denver and the entire Rocky Mountain region are reflected in the logo to demonstrate that view.

    Trailhead lawyer is getting forked by Mesa Republicans Third-quarter campaign contributions for Rep. Bernie Buescher (D-Grand Junction) showed that John Zakhem, legal counsel for the state Republican Party and the 527 political group Trailhead donated a total of $400.

    According to a story by Mike Saccone of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, the Mesa County Republican’s response to the contribution was critical of Zakhem, who said he was unaware that Buescher had a Republican opponent. The Mesa Republicans were also upset they found out about the donation in the newspaper story.

    A letter sent by the Mesa Republican Party to state party chairman Dick Wadhams asked that the party terminate their relationship with Zakhem. The story noted that Wadhams response to the question of dismissal was: “I don’t have anything that I want to discuss at this point.”

    That may not be the best solidarity message to send to the restless members of the Republican Parties on the Western Slope….

    Gov. Bill Ritter’s salary would increase if he was paid by the mile. Last week, Hush, Hush got a glimpse of the governor’s 2007 Western Slope travel list so far: Mesa and Eagle Counties-seven visits; Garfield (and Rifle) four; Alamosa, La Plata, Pitkin, Routt, Summit and Pitkin three times … the list goes on.

    On the Front Range, Ritter’s day can start in Fort Collins and end up in Pueblo.

    Probably where the governor hasn’t toured, First Lady Jeanie Ritter has. At this rate, Ritter’s 2010 re-election will be assured – he would have met about everyone in the state by that time.

    Some reporters are guessing that Ritter has traveled more in one year on the Western Slope than Governors Bill Owens and Roy Romer did in their entire administrations, but records are hard to come by.

    Are there any former governor staff members who could fill us in?

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