Anti-War Protesters Hope to Swarm Denver

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Photo credit: Peace rocks, Leslie Robinson, 2007.Peace activists in Colorado and the nation hope to organize some of the largest coordinated peace demonstrations across the country this Saturday, Oct. 27. Colorado Communities for Justice and Peace group, which includes state organizations like the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, is coordinating the efforts in Denver.

According to a Peace and Justice Center e-mail message to anti-war activists, the Denver rally on Saturday could be the largest demonstration ever coordinated in the state:

We hope to make this the largest rally yet in Denver. The supplemental funding bill for the Iraq War most likely will not be voted on until after the rally (maybe as late as January), so this is an important opportunity to show our opposition to the funding for the war.

Please help get out as many people as possible to show our resistance to the continued killing of thousands of Iraqis every month in order to seize their oil and gas resources.

The anti-war/peace rally will begin at 12 noon on Saturday in the Lincoln Park/Veteran’s Memorial on Lincoln Street between Colfax and 14th avenues in downtown Denver. Invited speakers will address the Iraq War refugee crisis; poverty, healthcare and the labor movement, and the possibility of reviving the military draft system.

According to a spokesperson for the national organization United for Peace and Justice, thousands of protestors who oppose the Bush Administration’s war in Iraq are expected to participate in rallies in 11 regional demonstrations, including Denver. United Peace and Justice is a coalition of more than 1,300 local and national anti-war organizations.

Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator of United for Peace and Justice said:

“Never before have we seen anything like this. In regional centers throughout the nation, people will gather in an expression of the widespread opposition to the war. This war, with its senseless death and destruction in Iraq, is draining our communities, as resources we need here at home are squandered every day. It is time to bring our troops home.”

For more information about the Denver peace rally, go here and for the national effort here.

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