Valley Symposium: Looking into the Crystal Ball

The Roaring Fork/Eagle County region in Western Colorado is sometimes identified as the Golden Triangle. The social and economic boundaries stretch from Aspen to Vail to Parachute. Issues like transportation, housing, tourism and energy development ripple from one town to the other.

Once a year, Healthy Mountain Communities (HMC) addresses these problems by hosting the Valley Symposium, a one-day event that brings together officials, citizens, experts and professionals to analyze state and local issues. HMC is a local organization that for over 14 years has nurtured collaboration between town and county leaders, citizens and local community organizations on growth issues such as mass transit and housing. The group also follows regional socio-economic trends for planning purposes.

Friday’s Valley Symposium in Glenwood Springs will address subjects from conflicting state constitutional amendments to the lack of affordable housing throughout the region.

Among the guest speakers for tomorrow’s event will be Colorado Speaker of the House of Representatives, Andrew Romanoff, whose talk is entitled, “Avoiding a Constitutional Train Wreck and Sustaining Colorado’s Prosperity.”

Part of the state’s economic well-being may hinge on energy development and severance taxes, which will be addressed by Randy Udall, Executive Director of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency.

Local mayors will discuss the lack of affordable and attainable housing and possible solutions in a panel discussion and Rep. Kathleen Curry, a Democrat who represents House District 61, will follow with highlights on possible 2008 legislation.

To register for the Valley Symposium at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, go here.

Photo credit: Downtown traffic in Glenwood Springs, Leslie Robinson, 2007.