Pockets of Giving Fuel Presidential Campaigns

The state of Colorado isn’t for sale in the presidential funding race — just a few zip codes.Money donated from Colorado to presidential candidates came from only a few areas of the state. The top donor towns and zip codes put up a substantial percentage of the money raised by both parties.

Democrats got about $328,000 of the $717,000 they raised in Colorado from Boulder, Aspen, Englewood, Greenwood Village and the zip codes 80206 (which includes the Cherry Creek neighborhood) and 80220 (which contains Park Hill) in Denver. Republicans raised a total of  $498,000 in the state, about $110,000 concentrated from a few large donor towns, notably Colorado Springs and Aspen.

Republicans had to work a little harder to compile their cash because their donations weren’t as concentrated as the Democrats. But they got about 20 percent of all their cash from Aspen, Colorado Springs, Englewood and Greenwood Village. In Colorado Springs, 60 percent of the Republican donations from that city came out of a single zip code.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats did best in liberal Boulder, raising $128,000 to the Republicans $14,000. And Republicans showed their stuff in Colorado Springs, raising $87,000 to the Democratic total of $9,000.

Both parties did pretty well in Aspen, the Dems raking in $70,000 to the Republicans $41,000. You can see more detail on the Aspen contributions here.

Both parties also did well in Englewood, the Democrats raising $38,000 and the Republicans $44,000. The two most generous zip codes in the city of Denver contributed about $69,000, with the Democrats showing the most strength here by taking in $55,000.

Hillary Clinton spread herself liberally in the main funding areas, trouncing the competition in every locale. She raised more than half of all her third-quarter money from Boulder, Aspen, Englewood, Greenwood Village and the two Denver areas.

On the Republican side, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani beat the competition in Aspen and Englewood. But Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney did very well in the Republican stronghold of Colorado Springs.

All the totals cited above were taken from Federal Election Commission records, which do not include most contributions of less than $200.