Hush, Hush & On the QT: Douglas Bruce and the Not So Single Girl

Love is in the air on the Western Slope for a lonelyheart county commissioner plus the energy industry’s lust for black gold continues unabated.El Paso County Commission Douglas Bruce is a bachelor and apparently has had his eye out for a companion – even at a statewide county commissioner meeting, we hear.

An attractive lady commissioner from the Western Slope told Hush, Hush that she was cornered by an adoring Bruce when she attended an event for county commissioners recently.

Bruce has been called many things, but certainly not suave or debonair.

“He really came on strong,” the commissioner said about Bruce, “That made me feel very uncomfortable…he’s creepy.”

Luckily, the commissioner said one of her county comrades came to her rescue by telling Bruce, “Doug. She’s married.”

“He didn’t even acknowledge me for the rest of the meeting,” she said. “Thank God.”

Wonder Where that Photo Is Hanging?

Hush, Hush was catching up with some back reading with the Colorado Statesman and was reminded of a gift to Gov. Bill Ritter by energy lobbyist, Kathy Hall, at the September Club 20 meeting. She handed him a framed photo of a couple of drilling rigs atop the Roan Plateau.

Hall asked Ritter to hang the photo in his office. Considering the efforts the governor has made to delay drilling on the public land portion of the Roan Plateau, no doubt the photo was a not-so-subtle way of reminding him that the energy industry is in the driver’s seat.

The Bureau of Land Management gave the governor’s office 120 days to review the proposed drilling plan on the Roan and that deadline is drawing near. One hopes that photo has been an inspiration to Ritter’s staff to develop an alternative proposal.

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