Countdown to 2008 Presidency Could Start… When?!

The Democratic and Republican presidential primaries and caucuses could begin in two weeks. Yes, voters in Iowa and New Hampshire could be shopping for the holidays and casting their ballot at the same time.Michigan and New Hampshire have not yet set their primary dates. Trying to retain New Hampshire’s second-place status in the presidential race, New Hampshire election officials are waiting to see if Michigan’s new law, which was to set its presidential primary on Jan. 15, is blocked in the courts. Should that happen, it could leave Michigan with no primary at all, according to a CQ Politics report, and New Hampshire can go with a January primary date.

New Hampshire’s secretary of state says two dates are a possibility, depending on what transpires in Michigan: Dec. 11 or Jan. 8. Tuesdays are traditional voting days, and this year, both Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Tuesdays, leaving little room on the calendar for this checkers game of early presidential caucuses and primaries.

Iowa is sliding in on Jan. 3, a Thursday; by Iowa law, it is supposed to hold the first presidential caucus vote eight days before New Hampshire’s primary.

Does that mean that Iowa would be forced to move its caucus date to Dec. 3 if New Hampshire’s date is moved up to Dec. 11 because Michigan’s primary date is a go for Jan. 15?

One would hate to think that FOX News and CNN get to declare the presidential primary winners for the 2008 ballot before the after-Christmas sales start.

Deadlines Coming Up Back Home in Colorado

Coloradan Democratic and Republican voters get to voice their presidential preferences in the Feb. 5 Super Duper Tuesday, joining California, Illinois and a cast of thousands in the selection of the next U.S. president. In reality, how can anyone be declared a “winner” in either party until all those ballots are counted?

If you are an unaffiliated voter in Colorado, you will miss out on the Feb. 5 festivities unless you register by Dec. 5 with a political party.