Convention Delegate Hopefuls: Secure a Plan B for Lodging

As a delegate at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Aug. 25-28 in Denver, your lodging is assured – the Grand Hyatt has been set aside for Colorado delegates. Yet, with hundreds vying for 60 delegate seats in May, chances are you may want to have a back-up plan if you still want to attend convention activities.In his DemNotes column, first Vice-Chair Dan Slater of the Colorado Democratic Party (CDP) offered some advice to hopeful delegate candidates and others:

Do not call the Grand Hyatt to book rooms. All of the rooms have been set aside. Instructions on how to reserve your room within the DNC / CDP room block will come to you with plenty of time if you are elected as a delegate in May.

Every room in our block will be taken by delegates, alternates and standing committee members.  Any rooms left over will go to other key elected officials. No matter how much you push or beg, we will not be able to make rooms appear (for non-delegates.)

There will be other opportunities to become involved with the Democratic Convention, so don’t despair if you are not elected as a delegate. Yet, with available and reasonably priced rooms slimming between Pueblo and Fort Collins, it would be wise to arrange alternative lodging.