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Religious groups’ self-claimed monopoly on morality will cost us our liberty. Re: Colorado Supreme Court Affirms “Egg as a Person” Ballot Wording, Nov. 13:

Some religious organizations such as Focus on the Family, the Catholic Church and most recently, the misnamed group Colorado for Equal Rights (CER) have claimed a monopoly on morality. It is an utter perversion of the principle of the right to life for anti-abortion groups to seek to amend our state constitution to declare that “personhood begins at the moment of conception.”

This creates an inherent conflict between the individual rights of a living woman and the potential life that is in her body. If rights are given to a single-celled product of conception, then a raped woman will be compelled against her will to breed. And many birth-control methods will have to become outlawed.

Our basic rights apply only to citizens once we are born as a separate entities.

If we allow a constitutional amendment to redefine the human being according to religious ideas, then it will be open season for any group to force its agenda on us at the expense of freedom.

I suggest members of the religious coalition live in a dictatorship for a while and see what it’s like to lose their constitutionally protected freedom of worship. Meanwhile, those of us who value freedom — and the real right to life – must zealously fight to preserve them. 

Gina Liggett

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