Countdown to Caucuses: Ritter, Salazar Say, “Get Involved”

    For those of you who want to make an early impact in local to presidential elections, be sure to register by Dec. 5 with your favorite political party.Leading Colorado officials are offering multiple doses of why registered unaffiliated voters should consider signing up with a political party. Only party members can participate in the presidential precinct caucuses on Feb. 5, 2008, an important step in determining which candidates will be on the November ballot.

    Gov. Bill Ritter offered this message:

    With 2008 and the early caucuses rapidly approaching, it’s important for Coloradans of all political stripes to make sure they are registered to vote. The outcome of next year’s caucuses, primaries, conventions and general elections will make a difference in the lives of Coloradans for years to come.

    I encourage everyone to get involved, and the first step is ensuring that you are registered to vote by Dec. 5.”

      U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar also urged citizens to get involved:

    Voting is our single most important responsibility as individual citizens. I urge every Coloradan to register as soon as possible, particularly before the December 5th deadline, so that they can have a strong voice in the future of our Nation.

    Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak noted:

    With the Democratic National Convention coming to Colorado next August Coloradans have a heightened interest in playing a role in our nation’s future. One of the first steps in the political process is party affiliation, so I’m urging all those legally qualified to vote to register at their local County Clerk and Recorders office.