Ritter Joins Mix of Presidential Contenders

Gov. Bill Ritter is included in the lineup of special guest speakers, including most of the Democratic presidential candidates, at the Democratic National Committee meeting today, Friday.Nearly all the Democratic presidential candidates will be presenting their best stuff, live and in color on C-SPAN starting approximately at 8 a.m. MST today, Friday from Vienna, VA.

“The candidates really work hard to put together a good speech for the DNC meetings, since all of us are automatically delegates to the national convention and they want our votes,” explained Colorado Democratic Party Vice-chair Dan Slater in his DemNote column.

Slater noted that Gov. Richardson and Sens. Edwards, Dodd and Obama will speak during the DNC morning session and in the afternoon, Rep. Kucinich and Sens. Biden and Clinton are on the agenda. Slater predicted the C-SPAN live broadcast should be worthy to watch or tape.

Ritter will also be a guest speaker at the DNC meeting today to update the DNC group on Colorado’s preparations for the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 25-28 in Denver.

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