Ritter Addresses the Nation about Western Values

Gov. Bill Ritter highlighted Western values and Democratic successes in the West in the national Democratic radio address on Saturday. He even got his chance to plug his New Energy Economy policies.“Our (Democratic) values are Western values. Like the people of Colorado, Americans are inventive and self-reliant, and they’re looking for leaders who know how to solve problems, get results and make a positive difference,” Ritter said in his address.

“In Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain West, Democrats are succeeding because we provide moderate, common sense leadership on issues most important to American families,” Ritter said. “Where Washington has failed to act, we are moving ahead on issues such as immigration, domestic-energy development, education and creating new jobs for hard-working Americans.” 

Ritter noted the Democratic presidential contenders and the elected Democratic officials are presenting plans to head the nation in the right direction.

“Democrats have put forward substantive policies that address our nation’s broken health-care system,” Ritter said. “At a time when concern about our economy is growing and American families are struggling with high energy costs, Democrats have proposed policies that will take advantage of renewable energy resources.”

In describing his new energy policies in Colorado, Ritter said, “By creating a 21st century energy policy, we are creating jobs, revitalizing the economy, protecting the environment and helping secure our nation’s energy future.” 

Ritter also criticized current White House policies. “We are tired of the years of mounting deficits coming from Republicans in Washington.  A Democratic president will … stop playing games with the budget, and restore fiscal sanity,” Ritter explained. “Americans want government that works and not one that continues to follow a failed strategy – especially in Iraq.”

Ritter wrapped up his address with a mention that Colorado will remain in the political spotlight through the 2008 election.

“I am looking forward to hosting the Democratic convention here in Colorado next year where we will be showcasing our strong, can-do leadership and the important role the West will play in 2008.”

On Friday, Ritter also spoke at the Democratic National Committee fall meeting, sharing the [podium. rtsp://video.c-span.org/archive/c08/c08_113007_dnc2.rm] with most of the Democratic presidential candidates and DNC Chairman Howard Dean.