Hush, Hush & On the QT: Dance the Western Slope Republican Shuffle

    The Colorado Republican Party primary ballot is going to be less crowded next year because of a few twisted arms. Muhammad Ali Hasan, who once threatened to give Rep. Al White (R-Denver/Winter Park/Hayden) a primary race for state Senate District 8, has decided to run for House District 56.”

    “After much deliberation and extensive consultations with Republican Party officials, Ali Hasan has decided to seek the State House of Representatives seat for District 56.”


    Another Western Slope Republican, Delta County Commissioner Wayne Wolf from Cedaredge, was persuaded to discontinue his primary challenge to Bob Schaffer for the U.S. Senate and run against Democrat John Salazar in the 3rd Congressional District instead.

    Libertarian Steven McDuffie has announced his run in the same district, touting a “no compromise” platform.


    Former 2006 3rd District Republican candidate Scott Tipton is hoping to replace Republican Ray Rose in the House District 58 seat.

    Some Republicans have encouraged Rose to end his term early to give his appointed replacement a head start in the 2008 election against well-known Democrat Montrose City Councilwoman Noelle Hagan However, so far the nudge has been ignored.


    Trotting out for a fundraiser in Grand Junction sponsored by Sen. Josh Penry (R-Grand Junction), former Republican Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer will talk about the issues at the Alpine Bank building downtown from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

    Schaffer and Congressman Mark Udall, (D-Colo.), are vying for retiring Republican Sen. Wayne Allard’s seat in 2008.


    Yessir, Mr. Boss Man. The Mesa County Republican Party leaders have had it with their members publically supporting Democratic candidates like Rep. Bernie Buescher (D-Grand Junction), so the party may force traitors to zip their lips or get booted off the central committee.

    According to a story by Mike Saccone of The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, the Mesa Republicans may adopt the rule that says:

    No member or officer of the central committee will publicly support a non-Republican candidate when a Republican candidate is running in the same race.

    Hush, Hush guesses there are similar regs in many county party rule books on both the Democratic and Republican sides, so the Mesa R’s are not considering anything radical. However, the cross-party support sounds like a little sweet revenge for their Democratic counterparts who had to suffer through bipartisan support during former Republican Rep. Scott McInnis reign.

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