The Democratic Convention Hits the Road

    Do you want to know more about how to get involved with the Democratic National Convention? Look for a “Convention Conversation” coming to your area.The Democrat National Convention is going to be a region-wide event, so organizers are traveling the state to conduct a series of community forums that encourage Coloradans to ask questions, share ideas and find out how they can get involved in the convention.

    So far, DNCC officials have conducted “Convention Conversations” in Steamboat Springs, Pueblo, Denver and Boulder. More events are planned after the holidays.

    In the discussions, DNCC CEO Leah D. Daughtry explains how business owners can connect with opportunities associated with the convention. In addition, Daughtry encourages residents to get involved in the convention experience on a personal level by running as a delegate, volunteering or being a citizen photo-journalist. More information is available at

    Last week, Daughtry responded to video questions posed to her from Rocky Mountain Roots Camp, a weekend training program for progressive activists:

    According to Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) officials, the convention is expected to pump an estimated $160 million into the metro Denver  economy and draw approximately 35,000 visitors to the region between Aug. 26-28, 2008. Colorado will be sending 70 delegates to the convention.