Western Slope Roundup: Denver Water Board Seeks Input


Denver Water may divert a lot of water from the Western Slope, but it doesn’t avert the Western Slope from decisions on how that water is used. If you live in Montrose, Mesa, Delta or Garfield counties and you are interested in water issues, you may want to apply for a position on the Denver Water Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).

The CAC is a 10-member volunteer standing committee that involves the public in Denver Water board policies and programs. Members represent suburban, Denver and Western Slope users, as well as builders and environmental perspectives. CAC has addressed issues such as rates, water conservation and long-range planning.

There is already a Western Slope representative on CAC, but the Denver Water Board wanted to expand the committee to include another person from over the Divide.

“The Citizens Advisory Committee has existed for 25 years and has always had a Western Slope representative,” explained Marie Bassett, Denver Water’s director of public affairs. “A suggestion was made that it might be helpful to have two Western Slope representatives, as the water issues in Summit, Grand and Eagle counties may be different than those in counties further downstream.”

Bassett added an applicant might be interested in participating if he or she believes there are other opinions that need to be expressed.

Plus, Western Slope representatives can a difference on water decisions with a thirsty Denver.

“The CAC has been very helpful to the Board in the past, especially in sorting out priorities with the board during the recent drought,” Basset said.

In addition, the advisory board gets to choose what subjects need to be addressed for the year.

“The topics for this year have not been selected, but in the past the CAC has been interested in water supply, conservation, water rates, global warming, et cetera,” Bassett noted. “The committee generally tours a portion of the state each year to learn more about water issues.” 

The position can involve a lot of traveling. The CAC meets the third Thursday of each month, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Denver Water Department, 1600 W. 12th Ave. in Denver. However, some meetings can be attended via conference call.

For more information, call Joe Sloan at Community Relations Denver Water at 303-628-6320 or 1-800-610-6393 ext. 6320 or email: joseph.sloan@denverwater.org. Deadline for applications is January 10.

Photo: A meandering mountain stream flowing out of the White River National Forest by Leslie Robinson

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