GM to Denver Convention: Drive my car

    General Motors will continue a 28-year streak of supplying vehicles for transportation services during the Democratic National Convention. What’s new and improved is all the vehicles will offer high fuel-efficiency, biofuel capabilities or hybrid technology.During the convention, the GM fleet will be used for the delegate shuttle system and transporting Democratic VIPs and other guests to convention activities. And they will go in style – some of GM’s new hybrids such as the Saturn Vue, the Aura Green Line and the Chevrolet Malibu will be used.

    Over 3,000 volunteers, including 500 local drivers, will be needed for the convention transportation system Aug. 25-28, according to Democratic National Committee Convention (DNCC) organizers.

    Since 1980, GM has also supplied the vehicles for the Republican National Convention. As noted in The Detroit News, GM estimated they provide a $1 million “in-kind contribution” to both political parties by procuring 400 vehicles for convention use.

    Using hybrid cars will definitely be cost-effective. For instance, if the 15,500 Denver Metro GM biofuel vehicle owners used only an ethanol blend, they would save more than nine million gallons of gasoline in a year. In the Denver Metro area, there are over 40 ethanol fueling stations.

    Photo: New Saturn Vue

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