Polis Campaign Cracks Million-Dollar Funding Barrier

CD-2 candidate had raised $825,000 at the end of the last quarter, so going over a million might not be a sign of strength.Second Congressional District candidate Jared Polis says his campaign has cracked the million-dollar barrier in fundraising.

“Our numbers reflect amazing momentum and the strong support of a collective voice for the progressive reform and change that my candidacy represents,” said Polis.

The campaign wouldn’t release its fourth quarter 2007 funding total, saying only that they’ve cracked the million-dollar mark. But if it is only a little over $1 million, it would seem to reflect a substantial slowing in Polis’ fundraising draw. He announced at the end of the last quarter that he’d raised $825,259 in total. So exceeding $1 million would mean he raised about $175,000 for the fourth quarter, which is not a lot by the blistering standard set in this very expensive race.

Polis spokeswoman Dayna Hanson said she couldn’t say what the total for the quarter was, only that it is at least enough to top $1 million in total fundraising since April, when the campaign began.

CD-2 opponent Will Shafroth announced today that he’s raised $237,000. The third candidate, Joan Fitz-Gerald, hasn’t reported fourth quarter totals yet.

Money isn’t going to be a problem for the Polis campaign, because he has plenty of his own if he needs it. But dwindling fundraising returns might also spell dwindling popular support.

Final totals for the campaign won’t be available until the figures are filed with the Federal Election Comission on Jan. 31. The reports usually become available to the public about two weeks later.