Travel Tips For Nervous Drivers And New Lawmakers

3:25 P.M. UPDATE — Bruce got to the Capitol, took his road rage out on a Rocky photographer by kicking him in the knee during morning prayer, and was later sworn into the Legislature.

Advice from a pro: How Douglas Bruce can get from Colorado Springs to Denver and back in a snap — with good timing, and some help from the the government and the taxpayers.Over the past few days, Colorado’s so-far absent 100th Legislator has expressed trepidation over his ability to get from his home in Colorado Springs to the state Capitol in Denver in time for his 8 a.m. swearing in today, Monday, Jan. 14.

In a letter to Chief House Clerk Marilyn Eddins, referenced in several reports and published online by the Rocky Mountain News, anti-government guy Douglas Bruce seems to have adopted a sort of phobia about rush hour. In truth, thanks to taxpayers, he should be able to make it in plenty of time. Here are a few tips from a longtime Colorado Springs-to-Denver commuter.

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