Prepare for Colorado’s Precinct Caucuses

Never been to a precinct caucus? Here’s a condensed informative guide for Democrats and Republicans on how to participate in the neighborhood precinct caucus starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 5. It’s Colorado’s first step in determining the next president of the United States. Keep checking back to Colorado Confidential’s Caucus Primer for additional links and updated information.

When is my precinct caucus held? Where do I go?

The caucus meetings, which by law must be held starting at 7 p.m. on Feb. 5, can be at schools, churches, private homes or meeting halls. Both the state Republican Party and Democratic Party are listing caucus locations on their websites, but your county clerk should have the most updated list.

If you are not sure if you are a registered voter or if you have changed your address, it is imperative that you contact your county clerk to verify your status.

How do I participate in a caucus?

If you want to participate in your neighborhood caucus, there are a few important qualifications. You must be:

A registered voter no later than by December 5, 2007

Affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican Parties since December 5, 2007

Resident in their precinct for 30 days prior to February 5, 2008

Turned 18 years of age or became a naturalized citizen and registered to vote within the two months preceding February 5

For additional information, please contact your county clerk’s office

“Conventions” pertain to the presidential election; “assemblies” are where county, state and legislative, and congressional candidates are selected.

At every caucus, the agenda is generally the same:

1. Call to order and reading aloud of caucus rules

2. Determination of eligible participants

3. Election of caucus chairperson and secretary, who will run the meeting

4. Preference poll on presidential race for convention delegates (candidates must reach a 15 percent threshold of support to qualify for a delegate).  Straw polls are taken before the preference poll

5. Election of delegates and alternates to county conventions

6. Preference poll for assembly delegates

7. Election of delegates and alternates to county assembly

8. Election of delegates and alternates to other assemblies

9. Election of precinct committee people

10. Consideration of resolutions to the county/state issues platform

11. Other business

12. Adjournment

If I have questions, whom do I call?

Contact your county clerk’s office for assistance or your local political party.

Other numbers:

Colorado Democratic Party: 303-623-4762
Colorado Republican Party: 800-236-3769
Secretary of State’s Elections Division: or 303-894-2200

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