Center for Independent Media Launches Fifth ‘New Journalist’ Site

Colorado Confidential’s parent organization, the Center for Independent Media, today announced the launch of Washington Independent the latest addition to its online news network.

The new site will also syndicate local stories of national significance from Colorado Confidential and its sister sites in Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota to feed the network’s growing readership.According to David Bennahum, president and CEO of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Center for Independent Media:

The Washington Independent is a news and commentary site dedicated to covering topics of national importance. It combines key elements of traditional journalism — reporting, accuracy and fairness — with elements of new media and blogging, including voice and speed.

The site launched with hard-hitting pieces from Washington Independent reporters and a collection of commentary from well-known writers and experts, including James Bamford and Michael Kazin.

The site is edited by Allison Silver, a former editor at The New York Times “Week in Review” section, the former editor of The Los Angeles Times Sunday “Opinion” section, and the Politics Producer for “Charlie Rose.”

Silver oversees an experienced and diverse team of reporters and bloggers including:

  * Spencer Ackerman, national security reporter, who reported for Talking Points Memo, The American Prospect and The New Republic.
  * Holly Yeager, religion and politics reporter, who covered U.S. politics for the Financial Times.
  * Arthur Allen, science reporter, who has worked as a foreign correspondent, bureau chief and editor for the Associated Press.
  * Mike Lillis, Hill reporter, who covered health care for Inside Washington newsletters.
  * Mary Kane, middle class finance reporter, formerly of Newhouse News, who has been reporting on finance and debt for years.
  * Laura McGann, managing editor, formerly of Talking Points Memo and the Dow Jones newswires
  * Luis Rimbaud, immigration reporter, an attorney who spent 25 years in the Office of Corporation Counsel Office of the District of Columbia. He is a native of Havana, Cuba.
  * Matthew Blake, reporting on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,  who covered government for The Nation and Chicago Reporter magazines.
  * Suemedha Sood, reporting on the environment, formerly an editor at the Center for American Progress whose work has appeared in the Washington Post Express, the Onion A.V. Club, Wiretap magazine.

Congrats to our newest little sister on a successful launch.