In Colorado, Romney Moves In To Clinch The Deal

Mitt Romney, already the darling of Colorado’s Republican power elite, moved his Colorado operation into hypermode this weekend, with back-to-back news releases on Saturday announcing nearly 50 new Colorado Romney For President county chairs and co-chairs, as well as the official endorsement of House Minority Leader Mike May – and that his son Josh will be in Colorado to watch the Super Bowl.Photobucket
Breaking: Josh Romney will watch the Super Bowl in Cherry Hills Village

Before heading to an upscale Cherry Hills Village home of Doug Robinson to watch the Big Game today, Josh Romney, one of the candidate’s five sons, will campaign for Dad in Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

That was just one of the flurry of Saturday announcements sent out by the Romney campaign. Just before noon, three days before the Tuesday caucus, the former governor of Massachusetts announced 48 new chairmen and women who are  organizing for him in counties across Colorado. The extensive list includes some familiar Republican office-holders: