Colorado Superdelegates Size Up Presidential Race

    Recent primaries and caucuses in Washington, Louisiana and Nebraska raised Sen. Barack Obama’s delegate count (857) past Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (841) for the first time during the Democratic presidential race, but Obama still lags in the superdelegate count by about 100 supporters. Which way are Colorado’s Democratic superdelegates leaning?PhotobucketSuperdelegates to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Convention include state Democratic National Committee members, elected federal officials such as congressional representatives and senators, Democratic governors and other DNC officials. This group comprises about one-fifth of the total delegates to the convention.

    Although official numbers differ, Clinton leads Obama in superdelegate count by around 100 supporters. However, these superdelegates can switch their candidate preference at any time. Only the Democrats have a superdelegate system.

    PhotobucketColorado had 15 superdelegates, but that number dropped by one when Joan Fitz-Gerald left the chair of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee last year to run for Congress.

    According to DNC member Debbie Marquez, this is the current breakdown of Colorado superdelegate endorsements:

    Congressman Ed Perlmutter
    Dan Slater, Colorado Democratic Party 1st Vice-Chair
    Debbie K. Marquez, Colorado DNC
    J.W. Postal, DNC

    Congresswoman Diana DeGette
    Mannie Rodr

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