The Search for Truth, God and Braver Scientists in ‘Expelled’

    Ben Stein and the producers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed held a press conference. But hardly any questions were allowed.Over the past couple thousand years, a lot of people have tried to establish convincing rational proofs of God.

    In Summa Theologica, for instance, written between 1265 and 1274, Thomas Aquinas produced five arguments for the existence of God, one of which was the “argument of design.” Aquinas said that an intelligent being whom we call God guides natural bodies.

    19th century theologian William Paley in 1802 argued that if you found a watch on the ground, you’d be likely to posit a watchmaker. If you find yourself in the midst of a universe far more complex than a watch, you’d likely posit a Designer God. Q.E.D.

    German Catholic theologian Hans K

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