Want to be a Delegate? Follow the Paperwork

    If you want to become a Colorado delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, you must survive the delegate selection process at the congressional or state convention levels — and you need to fill out a piece of paper.PhotobucketThe process to become a delegate representing the Colorado Democratic Party is complicated (refer to diagram). From the precinct caucuses through the county conventions and then on to the congressional and state convention, a potential delegate will be competing with hundreds of other interested Democrats for the 55 open delegate seats. 

    However, if you don’t fill out a statement of candidacy to be a delegate from the congressional district and/or for the at-large seats to the party by April 17, you will be ineligible to participate in the national convention in August.

    The Colorado Democratic Party has designated 36 delegate and seven alternate seats from the seven congressional districts; 12 spots are available statewide with two alternates; and seven delegate slots are set aside for pledged party leaders and elected officials such as big-city mayors and state legislators.

    There are also 14 superdelegates from Colorado.

    To obtain a copy of the delegate forms, click here.

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