Take Me To Your Leader: A Colorado College Round-Up

    With all the recent hullabaloo over Bruce Benson voted to head up the University of Colorado, let’s take a look at the bios of some of Colorado’s other college presidents and provosts. Benson, a longtime Republican Party leader, has been criticized for holding only a bachelor’s degree in geology from the college he oversees, though he has said that, “I don’t think you need to have a Ph.D. in anything to talk to legislators and raise money.”

    He’s also been praised as a straight shooter who is likely to be able to raise gobs of money for Colorado’s premier state institution.

    Other Colorado college leaders also have a wealth of experience, including a former governor of Ohio and ambassador to India who once ran the Peace Corps, as well as others with doctorates of chemistry, law and management. The following is a round-up of other chiefs, along with their shortened bios courtesy of the institutions they represent.

    Bruce Benson
    University of Colorado

    Bachelor’s degree in geology, University of Colorado.

    Owner of Benson Mineral Group Inc., 1965-present.


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