Bush Impeachment is on Arapahoe Democrats’ Platform

Were not in Boulder anymore, Barney. Earlier this year – and apparently eclipsed by the commotion surrounding Colorado’s caucuses – Arapahoe County Democrats moved forward with a resolution to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, accusing them of (mis)leading the U.S. into Iraq, unlawfully expanding the executive branch’s power, spying on citizens, cronyism and censoring public information. 

The resolution, passed unanimously by Arapahoe County Democrats in January, carries a list of grievances against Bush and Cheney that would make even a Boulder resident blush. Among them:

” … plotting and causing to be carried out changes to law and rules of engagement that violate the U.S. Constitution, international treaties, federal statute, international law, and even the more than 700 year old foundations of western legal principles and common notions of decency … engaging in illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens at large and without cause, and publicly denying this repeatedly to the American public … encouraging and engaging in direct reprisals against, censorship of, and career promotions of government staff and/or committee members, based on partisan political and/or religious beliefs rather than expertise … subversion of government posts and scientific committees to deny the American public access to information relating to their health and welfare … promoting and tolerating outright cronyism and conflict of interest assignments of ‘no-bid’ contracts to companies that repeatedly engage in fraudulent waste of taxpayer dollars and in actions that cause extreme harm and disgrace our nation.”

Arapahoe County boasts more registered Republicans and unaffiliated voters than Democrats and isn’t known as a bastion of liberalism. But the impeachment resolution met no opposition, indicating it’s not a fringe issue, county party officials said.

Sonia Skakich-Scrima, a supporter of the resolution and vice chair of the Arapahoe County Democrats House District 41 in Aurora, said the resolution was brought forward by popular demand.

“In my involvement in impeachment discussions in the Arapahoe Democratic Party, I have been surprised at how wide and strong the impeachment impetus is in Aurora and Arapahoe County,” she said.

But with the party in high gear for the upcoming February caucus, Arapahoe County Chair Mike Hamrick said news of the impeachment resolution was overshadowed.

Skakich-Scrima also notes that media outlets may have dismissed the resolution, and any coverage of it, as the work of far left-leaning “Bush haters,” but she stresses that’s not the case.

At least one longtime Arapahoe Country Republican said she was surprised, and amused, by the impeachment resolution. 

“I think it’s a waste of their time,” said Lynne Cottrell, a former chairwoman for the Arapahoe County Republicans. “I think there are more things to focus on. I’m glad they’re focusing on Bush and Cheney, because they’re not running.”

But Skakich-Scrima doesn’t think pushing forward with the call for impeachment is futile.

Earlier this month, Arapahoe County Democrats added the resolution to their 2008 platform and are hoping the impeachment item will have a future of its own in the state, and eventually, the national Democratic Party’s platform.

“This is what the grassroots thinks is really important,” Skakich-Scrima said.

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