Still No Word Today, But Here Is Bob Schaffer’s Stance Of Yesteryear

The year: 2000. Calling himself the “Conservative Congressman,” Bob Schaffer laid out clearly identified “issues” that delineated — at least in his mind — differences between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats, for example, “point guns at 6-year-old Cuban kids,” and “enjoy desecrating the Virgin Mary’s image.” They must, according to Schaffer, be “crushed.”Schaffer, then running for a final term representing Colorado’s 4th Congressional district, departed two years later, keeping a three-term limit pledge.

Last May 3, Schaffer, currently an oil and gas company executive, announced his intent to run for the U.S. Senate. Today, with nearly a year bearing down since the announcement, Schaffer, the presumptive Republican nominee, has not been forthcoming about where he stands on the issues of today.

As Colorado Confidential has repeatedly noted over the past many months (including last June and July and August, September and December), Schaffer’s official candidate Web site has remained in its rudimentary form and includes only a brief biography, icons to click on to volunteer or send money, and a letter to potential supporters.

Schaffer has remained mum, with the media and much of the public, on his positions involving most issues involving current events — including the Army’s controversial proposed expansion of its Pi

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