Colorado Libertarians Support Gambling Man over Ron Paul

Despite the prolific posters, the popular YouTube clips and some impressive fundraising efforts, Ron Paul has made as much headway in the Libertarian Party as he did with Republicans. From, a newswire guide for gambling and betting:

“Libertarian presidential frontrunner Wayne Allyn Root won both the Colorado and Michigan Presidential Preference Polls on Saturday. Those victories were on the heels of Root’s dominant performance of two weeks ago in the California Libertarian Preference Poll — beating a large field of candidates on all 3 ballots and finishing with 60% of the vote.

“California is the most populous Libertarian state, with the largest delegation to the national convention in Denver in May 2008. Colorado, host of the Convention, is projected to have one of the largest delegations in attendance as well.”

Root is a professional gambler, producer and entrepreneur, according to his campaign Web site, Root for America

The Colorado Libertarian convention was held last week at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where Michael P. Jingozian, George Phillies, and Root each spoke and fielded questions, according to the party’s Web site .

While Root may not be sharing the national spotlight with Democratic and Republican front runners, he was in Barack Obama’s class, literally, prior to the presidential election, as theonlinewire reports:

“Root and his wife Debra are home-school parents to their four young children. Root graduated Columbia University Class of ’83 with his fellow candidate and Political Science classmate Barack Obama.”

And for those voters who have more than the country’s future riding on the November election:

“While Root appears to be on track to win the Libertarian nomination Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are still fighting for the front seat of the Democratic Party. posted the latest odds to win the Democratic nomination: Obama 1 to 3, Clinton 2 to 1.”

In other words, Clinton is the safe bet.

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