Where Will Dobson Go?

Now that John McCain has got the GOP deal all but clinched, where, oh, where will Colorado’s own James Dobson go this November? The Focus on the Family founder has, for more than a year said, “No way, no how” to McCain, even threatening supporting a third party candidate if he has to. Does that mean he’s headed, as in the past, to the Constitution Party?Last time he walked away and took his friends with him was in 1996, when Dobson said he voted for Howard Phillips of the U.S. Taxpayer Party — rather than Bob Dole, who claimed he hadn’t read the Republican Party platform, which included endorsing the notion that doctors who performed abortions could be prosecuted for murder.

The U.S. Taxpayer Party is now the Constitution Party, and, though Phillips ran for president in 1992, 1996 and 2000, he’s not on the identified slate vying for the nomination this year.

Instead, if the evangelical Christian leader opts to pick that party as his choice this year, Dobson’s currently got three Constitution Party candidates to pick from:


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