It’s Easy Being Green, Unless You’re Nader

Four potential Green Party presidential candidates are vying this this year. But the Green’s most famous past candidate, Ralph Nader, isn’t running, at least on their ticket, this year. Yet another former Green prez candidate, Elaine Brown, has repudiated all ties to Party, claiming its leadership has been “seized by neo-liberal men who entrench the Party in internecine antagonisms…” Two women and two men are still in the race.
  The official Green pick for President in ’08 will be made at the Green National Convention in Chicago, July 10-13.

Caption: Ralph’s out – as a Green

On Feb. 28, Nader – the consumer advocate and perpetual candidate who infuriated many Democrats in 2000 when he garnered nearly 3 percent of the vote in a race that sent George W. Bush to the White House – announced he won’t be a Green Party candidate. Instead, he’s running as an independent.

That leaves Jesse Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift still running.

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