‘Truth in Immigration’ Site Aims to Bust Myths, Correct Media

One after another, Latino and immigrant advocacy organizations are calling on the powers that be to tone down the spiteful rhetoric on immigration and inject a measure of civility into the discussion over how best to tackle our broken immigration system.In response to the growing numbers of hate crimes against Latinos and the proliferation of anti-immigrant extremist groups, prominent Hispanic organizations are demanding that politicians and pundits strike a more respectful tone when discussing immigration.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, or MALDEF, has launched a new project called “Truth in Immigration.” The group’s Web site will challenge misleading statements about immigrants and Latinos made in the media, on the campaign trail and in the messages of anti-immigrant groups.

“Stereotypes and myths disseminated by political pundits, candidates for elected office, media networks, anti-immigrant organizations and hate groups poison the atmosphere for a well reasoned debate on immigration reform,” said John Trasvi

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