Romney to Stump for McCain at Petroleum Club

The Boston Globe is reporting that ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney will accompany Sen. John McCain on campaign swings through Utah and Colorado today. Is this yet another sign of McCain’s lackluster local fund raising — bring in the popular guy who called you “old and decrepit” just a couple of months ago?As Colorado Confidential reported on Wednesday, McCain backers are hosting a fund-raising event at the Denver Petroleum Club this evening, with attendees each expected to bundle a minimum of $25,000 for his presidential campaign.

Now, according to the Boston Globe, McCain is bringing in the big gun:

Mitt Romney is planning to make his first campaign appearances today with John McCain since endorsing the presumptive Republican nominee.

The former Massachusetts governor plans to help McCain raise money at an event in Salt Lake City, then go to another fund-raiser in Denver, the Associated Press is reporting. McCain is on a weeklong swing to replenish his campaign offers, and Romney is popular in Utah and Colorado, states with large numbers of fellow Mormons.

Romney has already volunteered his name as a possible running mate for McCain. But at several points during the Republican primary race, such joint appearances seemed far-fetched.

Before the New Hampshire primary, Romney suggested that McCain was too old and decrepit to change Washington, and McCain compared Romney to a pig wallowing in the campaign muck. Before the Florida primary, Romney accused McCain of lying about his stand on Iraq and of not knowing much about the economy. They had several heated exchanges during a debate before Super Tuesday.

Romney won the Colorado Republican caucus decisively — 60 percent to McCain’s 18-percent second-place finish.

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