Obama Leading Clinton 2-1 in State Delegates

    The Colorado Democratic Party has released a compilation of delegate presidential preferences from the county conventions held last month. Based on these figures, Sen. Barack Obama continues to retain a hefty lead — almost 2 to 1 —  in delegate support over Sen. Hillary Clinton. Thousands of delegates attended their Democratic county conventions to express their presidential preferences. The state party compiled the results of the delegates’ presidential preferences by the seven congressional districts. See graphic below.

    CO County Dem Assembly Breakout, Feb. 2008

    Approximately 9,895 county delegates participated in Democratic county conventions across the state. Across the board, Obama lead Clinton almost 2 to 1 in most congressional districts. Total state numbers were:

    Obama: 6,199 delegates – 63 percent

    Clinton: 3,270 county delegates -33 percent

    Undecided: 426 county delegates – 4 percent

    Popular support from the Feb. 5 precinct caucuses had Obama at 66 percent of the vote and Clinton at 33 percent. Over 120,971 people participated in the state Democratic caucuses.

    Delegates to the congressional and state conventions slated for May were selected at the county level based on their presidential preferences. The state party will not make any official estimate of the breakdown of its 55 national convention seats. In a previous article, CDP Political Director Bill Compton explained why:

    Colorado is a caucus state so we really won’t know the exact presidential delegate split until the congressional and state conventions are wrapped up by May 17. The party refuses to make any official comments until that time.

    PhotobucketHe also noted that delegates are not bound by their original preference and can change their mind about their support for a particular candidate.

    However, based on the percentages above, Obama would theoretically capture 35 out of 55 national convention delegate seats; Clinton would have 18; and two would be undecided.

    This does not include Superdelegate preferences.

    Congressional district and state delegate preferences will be available soon, according to CDP Chair Pat Waak. Approximately 5,016 delegates will be attending the state Democratic convention May 17 at the Colorado Springs World Arena. Colorado has a total of 70 delegate seats at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Aug. 25-28.

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